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War Wounds

November 4, 2011

I don’t know when it was

you got so far under my skin,

running through my veins

’til I bleed your favorite color,

and see you reflected

back behind my eyes.


I’ve tried running and hiding,

but I just can’t pull away

with the smell of your skin

burned into my mind.


So here I am again,

singing that sad refrain

of what might have been,

because time may dull,

but healing hasn’t come.


And still I’d do it all again,

even knowing how it ends,

because I just can’t imagine

myself any other way.


Time Heal’s…

July 26, 2010

I’ve stopped counting

the days, months, years,

since you disappeared

from my life, time

no longer describing

the ache you left behind,

the phantom sensations

leave me gasping, eyes

wet, your name on my

lips, no one to hold me,

reminding me it’s just

a dream that I want

so  bad to loose myself,

but life keeps tugging,

pulling me back, pushing

me on even if it hurts.



June 6, 2010

Will you wait,
I wondered softly,
staring at the sky.
Silence answered
my whispered words,
then footsteps
moving away.
I wanted to scream,
to beg and plead,
but instead
I let you go,

and so

years go by,
and so do you,
crossing paths
from time to time,
a smile,
a few words,
and still, I’m here
wanting you
to change, to realize,
but never saying
all those things,
asking if you
still care too.

I’ll wave goodbye
and watch the sky,
never quite letting go.


Missing Time

March 5, 2010

Moments stolen
from clutter
of daily life,
abandoned plans,
cares and worries,
nothing left
except her,
warm curves,
faint gasps,
all shared
but still secret
from the mess
that creeps back