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New Hat Project

July 30, 2012

Cut this out intending to work on it during the Salt City Steamfest. I managed to bevel the edges, but that was it. Last night I managed to get back at it and punched holes for stitching and dyed it. As well as starting to paint in the symbol that will be on the front of the hat.



New Custom Goggle Design

December 3, 2010

This project began life as a request to replicate some goggles seen in the Closer Music Video. I am told it is Trent Reznor that is wearing them.

With this set, I had to create a new pattern to accommodated a semi-different shape. The sides are longer and wider, the nose piece is more shaped and large, and of course the brackets.

The black plastic frame pieces had to be cleaned up to work with the shape and I had to cut and paint brackets to get something the size I was after, as well as building some “Washers” to space the brackets up to sit properly. Everything is done with hand stitching on these, as there was not much in the way of visible hardware beyond the brackets on the original piece. I am rather pleased with how they turned out.




Steampunk Guest Book Pen

August 8, 2010

The EtsySteamTeam is currently putting together a Steampunk Wedding contest, featuring wedding based items and specifically new creations. It took me a while, and some helpful suggestions, to actually come up with something a little different that I liked. And that I really felt was an entirely new sort of project.

Steampunk Pen and Holder

I give you my Steampunk Guest Book Pen. Perhaps not the most exciting name, but I’m big on minimalism and simplicity. Which I think this piece manages. While still being an elegant little item.

I started out with a simple silver metal pen that I found and added on the leather grip.

Just the Pen

I toyed with a few other ideas for decorating the pen more, but in the end went with just the dangling gear off of the connecting chain. I used a similar gear to keep the chain from pulling back through the eyelet in the tip of the pen-holder.

Pen Holder interior

The base is a fun little cog-shaped piece that I have used for a variety of projects. I think they’re normally called junction locks or something of the sort. Though I’ve mostly found them at thrift stores and the like and find they make great framing pieces for larger projects. I filled it with a leather core with a bit of epoxy to keep it solid, which I also added to the base of the cone where it fits into the leather. Keeping it all a solid unit.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how the piece turned out. It has some extra flavor to it without being a really over-the-top sort of piece. Thanks for looking!