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Someone Elses Home

April 2, 2013

Piece by piece

we erase them.

A coat of paint,

a patched wall.

New life swallowing

thirty plus years

in easily chewed

chunks. Sometimes

a treasure is save.

Roses swallowed

by weeds,  old

hardwood under carpet.

Other times, not so.

Wiring inexplicably wound

through gutters, hours

changing mismatched trim,

headaches and muscle strain,

but slowly it gives way,

old dreams molding

to a new visions

of home.


Hauntings – II

June 24, 2008

Old house


shaped by

dozens of

hands, lives

lived, traces


Filling in

my years

of memories,

seeding mementos

across walls,

scuffs and dings

from before,


my place

amidst lingering

emotions, never

quite sure

how many

may be

my own.