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Someone Elses Home

April 2, 2013

Piece by piece

we erase them.

A coat of paint,

a patched wall.

New life swallowing

thirty plus years

in easily chewed

chunks. Sometimes

a treasure is save.

Roses swallowed

by weeds,  old

hardwood under carpet.

Other times, not so.

Wiring inexplicably wound

through gutters, hours

changing mismatched trim,

headaches and muscle strain,

but slowly it gives way,

old dreams molding

to a new visions

of home.


Summer Reunion

August 5, 2011

Memory scorched landscapes

surround the old haunts,

the places filled with specters

of a youth from years

amidst decades already

passed by.


Following those ghosts

of friends and summer nights,

remembered thrill

of a shortcut, hopped fences,

torn shirts and bruised knees,

so different, if only

in perspective.


But the coolness

of the night breeze,

murmur of night insects,

still welcomes a lingered moment

a long gaze at stars

too often missed on drives,

and deadlines.


But it’s not all bad,

all melancholy and memory,

easy as it is to find here.

Now still exists,

new paths, changed landscapes,

town living and growing

down a separate path,

swallowing what was,

as I find my feet again

and wander on.



October 26, 2010

Familiar paths
heavy with yesterdays,
fragmented between
moments and eras,
nature’s steady
into pavement,
into life, as time
brings change to me,
regardless of journey’s
and progress. Still,
wanderlust whispers
and home promises comfort
while my feet tap
another few minutes
into a remembered journey
that eventually
gets me home.



October 31, 2008

Two years lived

in another town,

but still, every visit

back here feels

like comming home,

makes me wonder

how I live

with my heart

so far away.


Where the Heart Is

July 11, 2008

Drifting down

familiar streets,

home to countles

nights awake,

troubles paced

into blacktop

still echoing

with friends,

faces, moments

I can’t let go

or escape.


Empty House

June 13, 2008

Big space

bursting with quiet,

soft hum of passing cars,

occasional creaks,

only emphasising

absence they leave.

Filling space with things,

treasures and trinkets,

anything to stave off




April 25, 2008

Back home,

travel weary,

memories full,

my mess still waits

taunting action

while sleep

sings a siren

song, until

I collapse

nothing finished,

just added too.