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New Custom Goggle Design

December 3, 2010

This project began life as a request to replicate some goggles seen in the Closer Music Video. I am told it is Trent Reznor that is wearing them.

With this set, I had to create a new pattern to accommodated a semi-different shape. The sides are longer and wider, the nose piece is more shaped and large, and of course the brackets.

The black plastic frame pieces had to be cleaned up to work with the shape and I had to cut and paint brackets to get something the size I was after, as well as building some “Washers” to space the brackets up to sit properly. Everything is done with hand stitching on these, as there was not much in the way of visible hardware beyond the brackets on the original piece. I am rather pleased with how they turned out.




Blogworld08, Part II

September 20, 2008

I probably should start off with finishing out yesterday.  First off, SO COLD. Spend a little too much time nearly freezing to death, especially durring lunch. I was also sad that lunch was very very established. No real options, but it was reasonably tasty and free, so I really shouldn’t complain that much. The lunchtime discussion, though, was actually fantastic to listen to. I appreciated Guy Kawasaki and Steve Rubel’s talk. Of course, as much as they may both have been interesting to listen to, I have to say Guy rather stole the stage. He has a great personality and is refreshingly straight forward. I loved hearing his perspective on the whole writing about things you may have been given or pitched or what-not. The gist was that of course he wrote about things he would invest in or like, thats what he WANTS to write about. It is a rather solid point on the matter of at what point you consider something to be a paid post.

There was also the very infomertial presentation. I really hate powerpoint, and I hate it more when people add goofyness to it. Bleck.

Actually hiked back to the hotel. It’s just long enough of a walk to kind of suck, but I still walked back this morning. Nothing too exciting over the evening. I seem to have argued the internet into submission. Stupid hotel. Stupid Windows Vista constantly working too har to do things it isn’t any good at doing.

Started out today with the booth crawl of the expo floor. I have to say, the booth crawling is often my favorite part of a convention. I like really getting down and talking with individuals rather then sitting through panels. Panels have some good ideas and all, but they never quite have the same sort of conversation that actually being on the floor has.

I need to interject a section on one of my favorite groups at the convention. The people at Cart-Away Supply win huge points from me today. These guys run a business offering francishe opportunities in concrete, rental and landscape stuff. They hauled a great, brightly painted concrete roller down from Oregan as a sort of PR push. I have to say, if I suddenly wanted to change course and shift into landscaping, I would have to work with these guys. I love the guts they have to show up at a blogging convention to generate buzz about a company that doesn’t have really anything to do with blogging. They’ve started a blog to keep people posted on the results of this little experiment. I recommend checking it out. And hell, if you have a minute, take a second to talk about the guys at Cart-Away. I chatted with them for a bit and they get my vote as good people. If nothing else, I hope they get something out of wandering around in bright green shirts. And you might see a picture of me with there cement mixer if you check out their blog.

I also met some lovely ladies from a mother travel blog. I can’t find the card just now, but I will drop up a link to their site as well once I manage to find it again. Very great people, fun to chat with.

Another fun moment was the people from Zannel who decided they needed to put up a quick video about the goggles that I sell. I probably should have given a shout out to the etsy steamteam, but hey they ARE mentioned in the header on my page. So if people do check out the video, they should get some good words in. :)

Another great bit was stopping for lunch. Not so much the food, the food was sort of meh. Though they at least had the tea I’ve been drinking lately. The really great part was the cranky older marketing professor that sat down at the table. I think the best way to find a good person to talk to at one of these events is to find someone who looks like they’ve been around much longer then anyone else. They always have the best stories and some of the most sharp and accurate perceptions of the things people are talking about.

Ok. Think I’m good for the moment. More to come.