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January 11, 2012

Homesick for a place

in a story, a moment

that has never quite

come together, a life

that is always months

or years away, but feels

more real than yesterdays

that unfurl behind me

with a sterile sameness

that threatens to swallow

those moments of joy

and beauty I try so hard

to find somewhere besides

your smile.


Maps on His Hands

June 6, 2010

She remembers the scars,
a map of his work,
places he had been,
stubborn cupboard doors
that swallowed a long
She draw charts
based on her memories,
hoping to find him
amidst his past,
as the future
looks like nothing
but storms.



February 26, 2010

They speak of time
in hushed voices,
quoting books,
tv doctors,
solemn nods
for a process,
stages of grief
neatly lined out,
pre-scripted, waiting
to be acted,
feelings penned
in the margins,
so everyone knows
how to sympathize.

She nods, and waits
for those moments
alone, mask abandoned
as she shatters –
night after night.


Window Seat

October 14, 2008

Watching her wait,

trapped by her virtue –

excruciating patience.


Places with You

October 5, 2008

Images of you

burned into the city,

leaving restaurants,

parks, street corners,

always filled,

always drowning me

in the past,

while I try

to escape

into anything




August 23, 2008

Boxes of old clothes,

fishing rods, tools

all carefully stacked.

Two closets of him

left untouched,

silent tension

between moving on

and desperate hope

that time will bring

him home.



August 6, 2008

My thoughts turn

like precision clockwork –

the empty house,

the empty bed,


Steady grind of days

filled almost to bursting

only to hold back

that steady steam

of you.

But you are my shadow,

silent spectre always trailing

at my feat

only to mimick