September 12, 2011

Your smile… just.

You’re everything… but,

words run away.

So scared I might break

this fragile life

I have made.

It feels like spun glass

delicate web of trust,

so much left unsaid

too many days away.

Where was the moment

we missed the easy road?

Twining instead

through each other’s paths,

too scared to just say

will you stay?


Another Stand

August 31, 2011

in pieces
of a life
to often broken,
scraped raw
by failed dreams,
flawed plans.
But as I fade,
to the demons
sharpening their knives,
I see you.
And somehow,
that’s enough.
No promises
or fairy tail
endings. Just
a smile.
worth seeing
again, worth
being knocked
back down.



August 30, 2011

Locked away

between open skies

and parched, cracked ground,

desert home a comforting lie,

a crumbling refuge from her.

But day follows day

and it gets harder to rise,

to fight back the sound

of breaking ties,

loosing what we were

even in memory.






New Gambler’s Hat

August 21, 2011

I liked this hat enough to work on one for myself. I’ve got the base together. Working on styling the brim a little still. I may also find something more interesting for the lacing and to use as a hat band.


Summer Reunion

August 5, 2011

Memory scorched landscapes

surround the old haunts,

the places filled with specters

of a youth from years

amidst decades already

passed by.


Following those ghosts

of friends and summer nights,

remembered thrill

of a shortcut, hopped fences,

torn shirts and bruised knees,

so different, if only

in perspective.


But the coolness

of the night breeze,

murmur of night insects,

still welcomes a lingered moment

a long gaze at stars

too often missed on drives,

and deadlines.


But it’s not all bad,

all melancholy and memory,

easy as it is to find here.

Now still exists,

new paths, changed landscapes,

town living and growing

down a separate path,

swallowing what was,

as I find my feet again

and wander on.



June 14, 2011

In the shadows
Of a life
I’ve left behind,
That refuses
To leave me.

Those mistakes
That linger,
Nip and claw
At my dreams,
Fraying the new,
Fresh edges
Of me.

With new moments,
Day by day,
While I wonder
When time
Will heal.


Flickers of Dreams

May 30, 2011

I dream in phosphorous,

unstable glimmers

against the dark,

sometimes flaring

into bright fires

that burn for days.


Other times the glow

is stable, safe,

a dull warmth

barely holding back

the night.

Or burning out

in a flash, vanished

in moments as

the sun crests.