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August 30, 2011

Locked away

between open skies

and parched, cracked ground,

desert home a comforting lie,

a crumbling refuge from her.

But day follows day

and it gets harder to rise,

to fight back the sound

of breaking ties,

loosing what we were

even in memory.







July 13, 2010

The moon teases

and taunts,

drifting past,

inviting ambasador

of the night.

Promising love,

or solace,

or light

for the nefarious,

she never plays

her hand,

only tempts us

to join her

in a world

of deep shadows

and fading light.


Quiet Girl

May 8, 2010

She speaks in silence now,
words no longer singing,
just a broken stare
gone beyond accusation.
She still sits waiting
for words that never come,
bathed in silent prayers
while he avoids her stare.
But all that come are accusations,
trapped in silent eyes,
blaming her for words
he can never say.


Back Again

April 26, 2010

My mind circles
well worn paths
that lead to nothing

or as close
as I can come.

An emptiness littered
with pieces of ideas,
half-realized plans,

faces of yesterdays
that cling to me.

And I follow myself,
my phantoms and leavings,
with a sense of inevitability,

Another night of shadows,
three steps from sleep.

But I find you have taken
my desolation, made a home
out of broken pieces,

drawing all paths
to one ending.

So, onward I roll,
back into you,
no matter where I turn,

back to the nothing I find
waiting in your arms.



April 22, 2010

Do you know
my heart still skips
when I see your face?
Do you know
the hole I feel
where you used to be?
Do you know
I’m waiting still
for you to make things right?
Even though
you’re happy now
I’m still chasing your ghost.


Small Moment

April 12, 2010

scattered and broken
as another day
falls to catastrophes,
little disasters found
in the nooks and crannies,
filling free time with worries
for tomorrow, and yesterday,
leaving no space for today
and simple reflections
of trees on the water.


Soft Storm

March 6, 2010

Tapping of rain
follows winds
down from cold peaks
to windows,
driving off thoughts
of errands
into warm drinks
shared beds,
lingering close
long after
storm passes by.