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Someone Elses Home

April 2, 2013

Piece by piece

we erase them.

A coat of paint,

a patched wall.

New life swallowing

thirty plus years

in easily chewed

chunks. Sometimes

a treasure is save.

Roses swallowed

by weeds,  old

hardwood under carpet.

Other times, not so.

Wiring inexplicably wound

through gutters, hours

changing mismatched trim,

headaches and muscle strain,

but slowly it gives way,

old dreams molding

to a new visions

of home.



January 11, 2012

Homesick for a place

in a story, a moment

that has never quite

come together, a life

that is always months

or years away, but feels

more real than yesterdays

that unfurl behind me

with a sterile sameness

that threatens to swallow

those moments of joy

and beauty I try so hard

to find somewhere besides

your smile.



January 11, 2012

Noise crawls

from group to group,

ebbing and flowing

through topics,

friends, moments

quickly lost

to laughter

across the way

more distractions

making the crowd

segment itself

again and again.


Carving Some Mammoth Ivory

December 15, 2011

The pendants on these are carved mammoth ivory. The left is a Thor’s hammer. The right is a Goddess. I wanted to get a sort of minimalist look, which is why for the beads I also went for bone and wood and horn.


War Wounds

November 4, 2011

I don’t know when it was

you got so far under my skin,

running through my veins

’til I bleed your favorite color,

and see you reflected

back behind my eyes.


I’ve tried running and hiding,

but I just can’t pull away

with the smell of your skin

burned into my mind.


So here I am again,

singing that sad refrain

of what might have been,

because time may dull,

but healing hasn’t come.


And still I’d do it all again,

even knowing how it ends,

because I just can’t imagine

myself any other way.



September 12, 2011

Your smile… just.

You’re everything… but,

words run away.

So scared I might break

this fragile life

I have made.

It feels like spun glass

delicate web of trust,

so much left unsaid

too many days away.

Where was the moment

we missed the easy road?

Twining instead

through each other’s paths,

too scared to just say

will you stay?


Another Stand

August 31, 2011

in pieces
of a life
to often broken,
scraped raw
by failed dreams,
flawed plans.
But as I fade,
to the demons
sharpening their knives,
I see you.
And somehow,
that’s enough.
No promises
or fairy tail
endings. Just
a smile.
worth seeing
again, worth
being knocked
back down.