Another Long Night part II

March 10, 2011

Part I

All eyes turned on Larson as he walked into the Vitriol. The regulars all lost interest almost immediately. Well, almost all of the regulars. Cy was watching him with a small, knowing smile on her lips. She was at her customary perch at the far corner of the bar. The rest of the regulars new better then to mistake him for a snack or groupie. Cy on the other hand had already nearly killed him. Twice.

Larson paused, glancing around for other options. He was kidding himself, really. He didn’t exactly tend to make friends with this crowd. So long as they played nice and stayed off the radar, he was perfectly happy to leave them be, but he had a reputation at this point.

Finally, he let out a small sigh and crossed to slump onto the seat next to Cy. He waved to the bartender, an extremely large man with scars criss-crossing his body. Without asking the bartender set up a shot of whiskey for Larson and something fancy looking for Cy that probably didn’t normally show up on a bar’s menu.

“Detective Larson,” Cy said, her voice a honeyed purr. “I don’t know why you only ever stop in here for business.”

“Of course you know why, Cy,” answered Larson knocking back the drink and then setting it back down on top of $20 bill, which he pushed back to the barkeep. He took the hint and found something to keep him busy at the other end of the bar.

“I keep telling you, I wouldn’t actually let you die. You are far too much fun for that,” Cy said, her smile widening slightly as she sipped her drink. She was tall, slender, with shoulder length dark hair and dangerously deep eyes. She was also a demon and fed off of lust, love and other… things of the like.

“All the same, I’m just here for information,” said Larsen, trying not to get drawn in.

Cy let out a melodramatic sigh and settled her cup on the bar. “Fine. So what sort of bumps are upsetting the delicate sensibilities of those you fight so hard to protect this time?”

“I’m not sure. People are being ripped apart. In a very literal sense. The pieces are arranged in neat little piles. All of them former residents of various mental institutions,” said Larsen.

Cy ran a finger slowly around the rim of her glass as she thought. “Mad men, then. Did you find eyes with any of the remains?”

Larsen paused, mentally going over the previous cases. “Shit. I missed that.”

“You’re normally better then that, Detective,” said Cy, taking a moment to lick the drink residue from her finger.

“Yeah, well, I’m not exactly working with a crack team or anything on this,” said Larsen.

“You never are. So, I have an idea of what you’re after and what I’m charging for the information,” said Cy.

“Still not willing to help out people out of the goodness of your heart?” said Larsen, already knowing the response.

“Of course not. That would just be bad business. I’ll give you what you need to find it. Figuring out how to deal with it is your own deal,” said Cy.

“Not asking for trade secrets tonight, just a direction to look in,” said Larsen.

Cy nodded. “Good. Just making sure we’re on the same page. It’s a demon, as you might have guessed. I’m guessing your run of the mill brute. Dangerously strong and fast. Looking to get a step up in the game. It’s looking for visions.”

“Visions. Are we talking tripped out on a drug visions, or seeing the future visions?”

“The second. If the pieces are being arranged it may be to try and guide the visions. It might, in fact, be looking for something. So it keeps killing. Are the killings getting closer together?”

“Of course they are. Which means I best find it fast before it finds whatever it is looking for,” said Larsen, climbing up off his stool. “How does it find new victims?”

“It can probably smell the madness on them. You’ll need bait,” said Cy.

Larsen stopped, looking back at Cy with a deep frown. “Bait.”

“You’re not going to find one specific demon in a city like this. You need it to find you,” said Cy.

Larsen cursed softly and turned to go.

“When this is over, take a long weekend,” said Cy to his retreating back.

“Thanks for the suggestion,” said Larsen.

“It’s not a suggestion. That’s the payment.”

Larsen stopped again and looked back at Cy, confusion obvious on his face.

“If you’re up for it, stop by and see me while you’re out and I’ll help you forget your troubles for a while. But whatever you do, take the long weekend. You need it. You’re getting sloppy,” said Cy.

Larsen stood quietly for a long moment, then gave a slow nod. “Alright. Thanks, Cy.”

“Don’t mention it. I’ve got a reputation to keep up,” said Cy.

Larsen smiled a bit at that and left quickly. Cy’s information was always good, which meant he was playing catch-up. His smile was gone by the time he got back to the car. Looked like he’d be grabbing something from a drive-through for lunch tonight if he wanted to eat at all.

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