Guitar Top Hat

February 15, 2011

Over the weekend I finally found a few minutes to finish out a donation for the local music festival, Groovefest. I was originally thinking of doing something simple, but the idea for a guitar top hat hit me one day while driving to work and just would not let go. I managed to get the bridge and bridge pins from a local shop that does repairs and custom guitar builds. They actually just gave me one once I explained what I was doing, so long as I promised to show them the end result.

I left the strings with minimal tension, as I didn’t think it’d sound particularly pretty regardless and I was also wary of putting tension on strings that close to someones face. Leather is all hand-dyed as well as hand cut, punched and stitched.


Front of the hat, sitting on my record player

Angled view, showing strings

Full sized hat

X-stitching to finish the side.


Hopefully it will let them pull in some extra money for the event, since I didn’t really have spare money to throw in myself.


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  1. That’s really quite cool.

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