July 11, 2010

I’m totally behind on getting this particular post made, but I’m finally getting back caught up after Groovefest in general, including getting back to some new listings.

Overall, the even was a lot of fun and a success for me. I made some money, sold some cool pieces, listened to a lot of great music. I do enjoy live music. And their was much live music.

All of the booth at the event.

And a close-up of the table. Which includes the more specific wire rack setups that I put together for the event. I’m rather happy with how they worked out as a stand. Particularly for the goggles and eye patches. That took a little more rigging and wiring to make it work right, but it did hold things nicely. I think next time I will trade up to smaller price tags rather than cards so things tangle less.

Hopefully I will get the new fun big heavy brass goggles listed in the near future. I didn’t quite sell those, as much as I sold the standard sets. They are a bit heavy, which is less good if you aren’t just looking for a head-piece sort of thing.

Cuffs sold a lot less well then some other things. I did a lot of them extra early on. Though I did finally sell the two wool cuffs I have had around for a long while. Goggles did much better then I imagined. Black Top Hat sold. And I sold some odds and ends to a director from the Shakespeare Festival. Very cool guy. Looking forward to the next event. And thanks to anyone who stopped by!

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