Will You?

May 25, 2010

I say yes
to the night,
the embrace
of dark streets,
furtive motions,
dangerous airs,
yellow pools
staining sidewalks
I know by heart,
by heart-break,
memories walked
into stone, into
quiet miles and
worn out shoes,
questioning cops
and passing shouts,
but still bound up
in soft colors,
soft silences of words
left unsaid, echoing
years later, in time
with footsteps
retracing history,
old habits, still
saying yes
to the night.



  1. This is an excellent poem. You have wasted no words and your imagery is crystal clear. I love this. Thank you for publishing it.

  2. What a fine poem with such vivid imagery and content…truly enjoyed reading this post.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Always great when a line triggers something so forcefully.

  4. Well, it is true. You have really put together an awesome masterpiece.

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