Still Here

April 23, 2010

It’s been so long,
first fighting, giving way
to just waiting, until
tears are all I have,
my story-book ending
miles and years away,
but always haunting
my today, still changing
where I go, who I am,
no matter how I run,
the sum of my experiences,
turns out wrong, day
after day, seeking
a formula to turn
my life back to gold,
I keep missing you,
then missing me, pieces
so tangled by a we
that barely was, loosing
again and again because
I don’t know anything else,
but somehow the world spins
dragging me along, day
after day. So I wait,
and watch for you,
or maybe someone new,
to patch me up
for another round
because somehow
I can’t just stay down.


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  1. Very nice.

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