Midnight Snacks

August 4, 2009

My trench coat falls to the floor, her negligee and a fresh bottle of scotch on my desk. In this light, all the angles of her are perfect. It’s then, amidst my admiration, she pulls out my gun. It barks once and the world explodes.

I wake up in a dark room, pain dancing through my body, taking the deluxe scenic tour. I’m slumped in a chair and when I try to move, more pain. But I manage to catch the feel of rope biting into my skin around my ankles, wrists, waist and neck. Shit. I’m not wearing anything but rope and my own blood.

My eyes focus a little, but the light shining in my eyes turns the rest of the room into mud. I think there are two people. The girl and her partner?

“What the hell do you want?” I say, attempting a growl but not managing much more then a whisper.

“Amusement,” comes back her voice.

“Lady, if you wanted to tie me up, you could have tried asking. I’m willing to try anything once, especially with a hot thing like you,” I say, managing to muster a little more voice.

She laughs and a large man steps forward. The kind of guy that looks like he was vat grown to bust people’s knee-caps. Hell. That’s never a good sign. Laughing and thugs never ends well for me.

His fists land like hammers and the world fractures into bits of red and black and then nothing.

A splash of cold water stirs me. Everything seems sideways. Which is when I realize that the thug most have knocked me over while he worked. I cough and the spots dance back across my eyes.

“I’d like to make you an offer,” she said.

“Sorry, lady. I’m running low on ribs at this point. I think you might want to find another punching bag for your friend,” I mumble into the concrete.

Feat step into my view. And then knees as she crouches. She tugs my face up toward hers by my hair. I grunt my dismay, which doesn’t seem to impress her much.

“You can entertain my companion here for what little time you might last under his… minestration. Or, you can  be mine,” she says.

I blink at her. “You realize this isn’t really a normal way to pick up men.”

She backhands me with her free hand, not letting go of my hair. I’m suprised at her strength. Come to think of it, I’m suprised I haven’t finished bleeding out by now. She must have really picked her shot. She gives me enough time to regain at least a little bit of my vision, before continuing.

“One last chance. Yes or no,” she says.

“Sure, why the hell not? I mean, how much rougher can you be then knuckles over there?” I say, trying to sound flipant. Honestly, I’m scared as hell. This all feels wrong.

Then she smiles a bright fanged smile and my head swims. Before I manage any other noise, her teath are deep in my throat and I’m lost in the most horrifyingly wonderful sensation I’ve ever felt. She’s killing me, but god help me, I don’t want her to stop.

She doesn’t. I feel the world slide away from me and despite a momentary attempt to cling, the darkness swallows me whole.

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