April 8, 2009

I lay in bed listening to tires spinning across wet pavement. The cable in my cheap motel room gave out when the rain started. So I’m left with just myself and the bag of money, waiting for my partner to arrive. I know he’s late. I know I should just move on without him.

Still, here I am. Staring at the ceiling, waiting for the sound of footsteps. I’ve considered counting the money. Seeing how much we got out with. But I don’t want him thinking I’ve already skimmed from the take. That’s the sort of thing that gets partners shooting each other.

Frankly, I’ve done enough shooting today. I washed the ashes of my bloodied clothes down the sink. Didn’t even have to disable the smoke detector in the two-bit place. Figures. Good thing I’m out of here soon.

But the tires just keep spinning past without stopping. If he got himself pinched, would he squeal on me? Toss me to the pigs to get off light? Maybe I should just go. But we spent so long putting this job together. Trusting each other.

Who am I kidding. We’re thieves.

I finally sit up and pick up the bag. It is a comforting heft. Enough to disappear for a nice long time. I’m already thinking about beaches and booze as the rain starts soaking me through on the way to the car. The secondary car, of course. My getaway vehicle has probably been towed off to impound by now. Always good to use the inefficiencies of a system against itself. Keeps them running chasing their own tales.

Car lights blind me in the parking lot and as I move to shield my eyes, the car smashes into me and the world goes all funny. Nothing seems to work quite like I want it to. Not to mention the pain. I never knew you could stay conscious with this kind of pain.

A face hoves in front of mine, but my brain can’t quite seem to piece it together. I feel movement and another sharp flash of pain.

“Can’t believe it took you that long to leave, Gary. Christ. I was starting to think you’d actually managed to out-smart me,” says my partner.

I finally hear footsteps, but going away instead of toward me. The rain numbs me. Slowly drowning out the world. I can’t believe I was really starting to like that bastard. Seriously, who hits there partner with a car to steal the money?

I try to move a little, but the pain flashes back through the numbness, driving me back to stillness.

So that’s it. A motel parking lot and the rain. I let out a long breath and let the darkness come.

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