April 7, 2009


Lazy drunkard

fighting cultists

across bad dialogue

and flimsy plot.

Three shadows

adding a theme song,

asking the question

“Is that a stupid name?”

Ham still laughs

every time name

is said, conjuring

basement viewing

and denim jackets,

bad hair, nothing

resembling me,

but so fun to say,

to mold a name

to an identity,

random shortenings,

additions, Rowsimicat,

the Rowisimcar,

Roswell shouted

across campus,

baffling strangers,

friends parents

who still know me

by my claimed


NaPoWriMo Read Write Poem Prompt #7



  1. I never promised you a Rowsgarden… dead good!

  2. I like it. I like the short lines that carry you through it quickly. Has the feel of a campus

  3. This was an interesting and enjoyable piece – well written!

    Come meet Ziggy

  4. short and nice to read…i like it

  5. I love the teasing quality of this poem. I could picture the interactions on the campus while reading it.

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