Hard Landing

April 7, 2009

It all started with a kiss. Johnathon new better, but he had still fallen fast and hard. Now, there was only one way that things could end.

The flash of Johnathon’s lighter lit up scarred hands and his weathered face momentarily. He blew a puff of smoke into the crisp autumn night. It was time to end things. He had no real delusions of a fairy-tale ending, but it was against his nature to give in.

Johnathon picked up the duffle bag at his feat, slung it over his shoulder and started down the street. As he rounded the final corner, he pulled his Glock and put two slugs in the first guard. The second guard managed to get his gun drawn before Johnathon put a round in his head.

Johnathon shifted the duffle forward and pulled out the sawed-off shotgun stashed inside. He stepped past the fallen men and kicked open the door. The chaos began almost instantly. The room was full of men in suits, all scrambling for weapons.

The shotgun opened the scene with a roar and the first man fell. Then gunfire erupted through the room. Johnathon was hit almost immediately, caught in the leg, the shoulder and the chest. Johnathon fired once more before the gun slipped from his numbed fingers as the men in the room continued emptying guns into him.

Johnathon collapsed to the ground with a soft laugh. Several of the still standing goons crept closer, guns ready.

“He’s done for,” said one goon, kicking away the shotgun.

“Is his bag beeping?” said a second goon.

“Ah shit,” said a third as he turned to run for the door.

The explosion ripped through the building and the remaining men. No loose ends. Just like Johnathon liked it. Well, except for the girl. But she was on her own now. At least he had given her a big enough distraction to slip away. Hopefully, unnoticed.


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  1. These just keep getting better and better.

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