Tony’s Break

April 3, 2009

The rain falls hard and fast, drowning out the screams in the warehouse. The rain obscures and cleans, while driving most scrambling indoors. It makes for excellent working conditions, if your business requires privacy.

The pattern of the rain makes the work fall into a simple pattern. One finger. One toe. Cold rain-water to keep him lucid. Honestly, he likely finished telling everything he new an hour ago, but it doesn’t pay to take chances in criminal enterprises. When you catch a mole in the organization, you make sure you know everything they know.

So I continue. Ignoring the plees as the rain keeps falling and one of the enforcers has to step outside. The gunmen like to think that they are the tough ones. The hard front-line that keeps people in line. But really, it is us quiet experts. The man people would rather catch a bullet than meet. Certainly Tony here would attest to that. Not that he will get to speak of anything else after this.

Finally, they are satisfied. They put two bullets in Tony, giving him his release and drag the body off to be disposed of, leaving me to clean my tools and listen to the rain. And to wonder when my bullet will finally come.


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  1. “us quiet experts” !!! I am craving to see this character explored, or at least the idea of the character.

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