April 3, 2009

First, the fibers gathered,

spun into a life.

Second, it is measured,

allotted so much space.

Third, is the cut,

ending every thread.

These three portions,

beginning, middle and end,

give us definition, along

with pain and joy.

NaPoWriMo Read Write Poem Prompt #3



  1. Not sure if I fancy the bit about pain!
    Nicely written poetry though!!

  2. Beautifully expressed :)

  3. Makes everything seem so clear cut ~ something to aspire to!

  4. I think this goes deeper than people are reading into it. Or, and probably is LOL, it’s just me. In my opinion this is a poem about writing. First we gather all the information we can about what we want to write about. Then we write it all down only to cut it to pieces during editing.

    I LIKE this poem!


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