March 31, 2009

Every bump echoed in my bones as I bounced around the trunk of the car. I’d given up trying to keep track of where they might be taking me. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t matter. This wasn’t the kind of discussion that tended to end well.

Really, I should have known better then to try and skim off the top from them. Or at least done a better job of covering my tracks. Or maybe at least run a little faster when the scarry men in suits showed up to take me for a ride.

I pounded at the trunk lid and screamed a little more for good measure as the car slowed, but it jumped back up to speed without anyone seeming to notice.

Well, maybe it would at least be quick. I don’t know the guys driving, but they deffinetly had guns. Guns are pretty quick.

Whoa. What’s with the crazy driving all of the sudden? Maybe someone actually did hear me? Maybe the police are after them. I mean, I don’t hear any sirens, but we are really going awefully fast.

And there went my stomach. I don’t think we’re on the road anymore. The angle is all wrong. Oh god.

Everything hurts. I can’t move my right arm. But I can see a little light creeping in. Maybe if I shove a bit… yes! I’m out of the trunk. I’m bleeding quite a bit, but I’m out.

We drove off a cliff. Not a very big cliff maybe, but enough that I’m not quite sure how I’m even able to stand up. If I somehow live through this, I’m taking the money I’ve got and disapearing. I swear to god.

Now, what about the goons. Just lean in the window and… oh god. Oh wow. That… that isn’t pretty. Somebody shot them. While they were driving. And there are lights coming to the edge of the road.

I think maybe someone is outlined up there. But my head is feeling pretty fuzzy. Who would shoot them like that? Oh man. If I wasn’t dead before…

“Hang on down there, I’ve already called an ambulance,” shouts down the figure.

I blink and collapse, sitting back hard against the car. I think I’m going to have to join a church after tonight.


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  1. Ooooh. That last line was totally for the money.

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