The Six

January 14, 2009

“As you can see, General, the team is complete and ready for action now,” said Tesla.

The two man stood in a slightly raised room behind a piece of one-way glass, watching a room with six people in it.

The general was a large, gray haired man with a seemingly permanent scowl. He made an unsatisfied noise. “And why is it that these six people are better suited to the task then anyone else?”

“They all bring something different to the team. The clone of Andrew Jackson there is fiercely loyal to the country, an expert with pistols and a natural born leader,” said Tesla.

In the back of the small room, Jackson began taking measured steps away from another man, counting of the steps as he went.

“The grizzled man at the table is Hugh Glass. Mountain man and incredible survivor. They actually found him in a block of ice. We managed to thaw and resuscitate him and he has shown complete willingness to join the team as a survival expert. The serious looking young lady sitting next to him is a samurai.” “Why in the hell do we need a woman with a sword if we have men with guns?” growled the General, tugging at his mustache.

“Because we’ve found guns not to be effective against some of the problems I was asked to solve with this group. And because she can do things with a blade that no one else can,” said Tesla. “Moving on. The girl in the corner is the Sneak. She claims her name is Tacey, but we haven’t been able to verify anything. Except how good she is,” Tesla frowned a bit at that. “We actually found her breaking into the labs. And only because she actually waited around for the day staff to come on so she could ask some questions about an anti-aging serum.”

The General’s frown grew.

“And last, we have Dionysus,” Tesla motioned to the a youthful and androgynous figure, leaned back in the chair, watching Jackson count steps with an amused look and a wine glass in one hand.

“Dionysus? Wasn’t he a Greek God?”

“Apparently, not so much,” said Tesla.

“Not so much. What does that even mean?” said the General.

“Lastly,” continued Tesla, right past the General’s last question, “We have the clone of Sigmund Freud.”

Inside, Freud complained loudly, “This is completely unnecessary and uncivilized!”

“Twenty,” answer Jackson, spun on one foot and fired his pistol.

Freud made a slight gurgling sound, then collapsed to the floor.

The lady samurai sighed. “Was that entirely necessary?”

“Entirely,” said Jackson, putting away the gun. “Did you hear what he said about my mother?”

Dionysus laughed. “Oh relax, they’ll just grow another one.”

The door burst open and Tesla stepped in, lab coat flapping wildly as he rushed to check on Freud. “Do any of you realize how much time and work go in to growing a fresh Freud? Why didn’t any of you stop him?” He fussed over the clone’s body a moment before giving up, straightening and rebuttoning his coat over the sparking core that filled most of his chest cavity these days. “Seemed like a fair duel to me,” said Hugh Glass. “Maybe you should try cloning someone with less of a mouth?”

Tesla rubbed his eyes and groaned softly, muttering to himself and heading back out of the room. “I knew I should have finished those inhibitor chips before showing the General the team…”

The General was waiting outside, holding his phone, scowl somehow managing to have gotten slightly deeper. “I understand. We’ll take care of it. Yes sir, right away.” He clicked the phone shut. “It seems we have a situation that they want my department to handle.”

“Oh? What do we have this time?” said Tesla, grinning like a kid at Christmas. “Some sort of creature, terrorizing a small town in northern Montana,” said the General.

“Then we can field test the team,” said Tesla, turning back toward the room. “Hold on. Didn’t your team leader just murder the sixth member of the team?” said the General.

“This doesn’t sound like it will have much of a psychological element to it anyway. I’ll get to work on a new Freud clone once we get them sent off out the door,” said Tesla.

The General tugged harder on his mustache, “Can’t we just use one of those death rays of yours or something to get rid of it?”

“If it were as simple as just pointing and shooting, would they really need to talk to us?” said Tesla.

“I suppose not… Get them to the transport bay. A bird will be ready in ten,” said the General and stalked off, muttering to himself.

Tesla stepped back into the room with the team. Hugh was sharing a drink with Dionysus and Jackson. Meanwhile, Tacey continued to hang out in a corner, long coat and dark hair letting her bleed into what little shadow the room had. Tomoe watched Tesla enter the room again, quiet.

“You have been green lighted for a field exercise. I want the whole team out on this one,” said Tesla.

Dionysus raised a brow. “So who has to carry the dead guy?”

Tesla blinked, then shook his head. “Except Freud. The rest of you need to get over to the transport bay. You will be briefed in full in flight.”

“About bloody time we get at it,” said Tacey, pushing off of the wall. “I was about ready to go start some trouble myself just to see if this place actually did anything besides talk.”

“I believe we were waiting for the last member of the team,” said Tomoe, eyeing Freud as she slid to her feat. “Though why is an interesting question.” “Less talking, more going and finding out what else I get to shoot today,” said Jackson, leading the way out the door.

Dionysus sighed dramatically and set down his wine cup, “And I was just getting a good buzz going.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you not drinking in the last week,” said Hugh, following Dionysus out.

“Do you know how much of an alcohol tolerance you can build up when you’ve got hundreds of years?” said Dionysus.

“I can only hope to learn,” said Hugh.

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