Third Host: Mefathiel and Ezra

October 20, 2008

“How is it that the police never show up during these things,” said Ezra. “I’ve had to dodge the police any number of times with my work.”

Mefathiel shrugged a little and glanced around the corner. He then ducked out low and flicked out his hand, arcing a blade through the air and into the shoulder of a gunman. The man screamed and dropped back.

“I think a lot of it is money changing hands, but in this particular instance I wouldn’t be suprised if they had either created a distraction elsewhere in town while they set their trap or if they were containing the noise,” said Mefathiel as he starting creeping forward again.

Ezra followed after him, continuing the conversation in a quiet voice,”Don’t you find it a little disturbing that they have put this much effort into making sure nobody could follow Amitiel?”

“The fact that I’m not back in my office working on cases was the first sign that things were going to be bad,” said Mefathiel. “My own fight is big enough without all of this, most of the time.”

Ezra snapped off two shots, catching another shadow creature, “They’re either running out of things to throw at us or they are getting ready for a big push,” he said, pausing to check his clip. It was running low. He snapped it back it the gun with a practiced motion and glance to Mefathiel.

“So what do you suggest,” said Mefathiel.

“Well, if you’re willing to fall back to the car we could get more weapons,” said Ezra.

“And if I think falling back is a bad idea,” asked Mefathiel.

“Then we need to hit hard and fast, hopefully break through and grab him. Watch for any potential get-away vehicles,” said Ezra.

“Maybe I should have brought a gun,” said Mefathiel.

“Bit late now. Lets move,” said Ezra and lead the way, running and keeping low and in the shadows.

Mefathiel shook his head slightly, then followed after, “This just gets better and better.”

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