Third Host: Z and Malachi

October 9, 2008

Z had stayed home from work, her mood mirroring the dreary weather outside to an extent that work just seemed untenable for the day. SHe had no appointments and decided to leave the shop in the hands of her assistants for the day. She pulled on her fluffy black robe with white skulls and pink bows, tucked her feat into her frog slippers and moved to the living room couch. A few jabs of the remote brought the entertainment center to life and started blasting her favorite series of rock ballads. Anubis joined her on the couch and settled his head in her lap.

Z hadn’t really moved when Malachi slipped in beneath the sound of heavy guitar riffs. He circled the couch, Z paying no real attention, just miming guitar motions and singing along with the music. He leaned in and kissed the top of her head. Z blinked up at him and smiled at Malachi, reaching to turn down the music.

“Hey you,” Z said.

Malachi smiled at her, hands behind his back. “You doing ok, lovely?”

Z shrugged a little non-commitally, untangling herself from Anubis, “I guess.”

Malachi leaned in and tucked the box of fancy chocolates into Z’s lap, “Maybe I can cheer you up?”

Z held up the box of candy and smiled, unwrapping it and popping one in her mouth with a happy little sound. She reached up to catch Malachi and pull him over the back of the couch. Anubis fled from the couch and Malachi tumbled over into her lap with a slight yelp of amusement.

Z grinned down at him and softly kissed him. “Thank you for the candy,” she said, then kissed him again. “And for the treats.”

Malachi laughed softly, “Any time?”

“Better be any time,” she grabbed another chocolate to munch, cuddling up with him.

“You still haven’t decided what to do, have you?” said Malachi.

Z sighed and hid her head against Malachi’s shoulder, “No. I know I’m going to have to do something… but I’m not even sure what’s happening, really. But… if it gets out of control…” she sighs.

Malachi squezed her softly, “Maybe we need to look into it more.”

Z frowned, “I told you I didn’t want you getting involved in this.”

“And I told you that I was getting involved wether you wanted me to or not,” said Malachi.

Z sighed softly and kissed him again, “You are in such trouble.”

“I know, but you’re worth it,” Malachi said.

Z smiled and hugged him tight. “Ok, I need to go get changed. Then we are going to go talk to someone.”

Malachi nodded, “Alright,” moving to let her get up.

Z tugged him in close for another kiss, then stood up and lightly bapped his nose. “But you’re still in trouble,” then crossed back off to the other room.

Malachi sighed and grinned wryly to himself after she left, then started prepping himself for the impending trouble.

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