Third Host: Mefathiel and Ezra

October 6, 2008

Ezra hit the ground, catching the beasts mouth with the his knife. The beast snapped down, shattering the blade and shook its head, throwing aside the pieces. Ezra dropped the gun and managed to get his hands up, catching the beasts jaw open as it snaps down at his head.

“Bad puppy,” Ezra growled, eyes swirling with a sudden deep darkness. He grinned faintly at the sudden rush and pulled. The beast made a startled noise, which was down out with a sickening pop as its jaw disjointed. Ezra shifted his grip, holding just the top jaw. He slid to his feat and shifted, swinging the creature into the air and smashing the nearby shadow creatures into the wall.

The mound of creatures weighing down Mefathiel erupted in a ball of light as pushed himself up, white wings folded across the shredded back of his suit-coat and shirt.

“So much for being quiet,” said Mefathiel as he slid upright, lashing out and planting three more blades into escaping shadows.

Ezra methodically drove back the few shadow creatures that were still standing and not running. Within seconds the only things still standing in the alley were Ezra and Mefathiel. Mefathiel’s wings shimmered back out of existence and he staggered slightly, catching himself on a wall. He watched Ezra carefully.

“You still with me,” asked Mefathiel.

Ezra shut his eyes and nodded, “Fine. I have to expend myself a lot more then that.” He opened his eyes again and found his gun, slamming in a fresh clip before holstering it. “We need to keep moving before they send in something that is going to push me a lot more.”

“Any thoughts on where to go?” said Mefathiel.

“Inside to ask questions, unless you have a better idea where he might be,” said Ezra.

Mefathiel hesitated a moment, then pointed toward the dock and said, “There, underwater.”

Ezra started that direction, “Do I want to know how you did that?”

“It’s the biggest pool of energy I noticed when I went angelic. I think it’s the best bet we have,” said Mefathiel.

“Lets make it quick then,” said Ezra as he started to run toward the water, “Three against who-knows-how-many sounds like better odds then two.”

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