Third Host: Mefathiel and Ezra

October 2, 2008

Ezra didn’t slow down as they drove past the dock-side warehouse. From the road, things looked quiet enough. Ezra kept driving up the road and turned up a side street leading away from the building and pulled into an empty parking lot.

“You sure you don’t want a gun,” said Ezra, checking his weapons. “I know I’m the muscle on this, but I’d like to know you have my back.”

Mefathiel laughed dryly as he stepped out of the car, “You don’t have to worry about that. Trust me.”

Ezra chambered a round into one of his glocks before sliding it back into the holster. “I think those two words have gotten me into more trouble then any others in the English language,” he climbed out of the car and ghosted toward the edge of the building.

Mefathiel followed after, “If you can’t trust an angel, who can you trust?”

“That’s most of my point,” shot back Ezra and started up the street, sticking close to the shadows, but walking casually.

Mefathiel stayed close to Ezra, mirroring his casual movements. They made their way back up the street and over to the warehouse without incident. Ezra led them around one side of the building, but paused two steps in. His gaze flicked over the alley.

“Most of the blood isn’t his,” said Mefathiel.

Ezra nodded slightly and crossed to the door. It wasn’t quite shut and he pulled it open just enough to sneak a glance into the building. He slowly let it partially close. “They are cleaning up inside. Which makes me think he isn’t here,” said Ezra.

Mefathiel tensed slightly, “Why don’t they have anyone watching the building if they are busy covering up evidence of the fight inside?”

Ezra spun aside from the door, drawing a gun as he moved. “Ambush!”

Mefathiel spun to face the direction they had come from as a pack of shadow creatures crowded into the alley. Machine gun fire roared, shredding the metal door Ezra had just moved away from. Mefathiel’s hands moved almost to fast to follow and two of the shadow creatues went down, clawing at the knives sticking out of their throats.

Ezra snapped off three shots down the alley in the opposite direction. A cry echoed back from that direction. Ezra fired two more shots at the noise before another group of shadow creatures flooded into view from that direction.

“Really wish I hadn’t left my bag in the car now,” said Ezra, voice and body language expressing no real concern. He smoothly drew the second gun and opened fire on the flood of creatures.

Mefathiel took down another creature as they flooded toward him with a thrown knife, then drew a wicked looking, slightly curved small blade. He moved into the crowd, slashing with the blade and fending off blows with his free hand.

Meanwhile, Ezra emptied both guns, holstered the gun in his left hand and ejected the clip from the right gun. He snapped out a hard kick, knocking the leading shadow creature back into the others as he grabbed a spare clip and slammed it into the gun. A creature leapt at him from the left and he snagged it and shifted his weight, redirecting it into the wall past him. He fired off two more shots and stepped back slightly, drawing a blade with his free hand.

Mefathiel struggled, already starting to get torn up. He lashed out hard with the blade, nearly decapitating the creature in front of him, but went down as one leapt onto his back, digging talong into his shoulder. Mefathiel let out a small pained noise, catching himself from completely hitting the ground with one hand. He twisted and stabbed up into the creature, but the others began swarming over him.

Ezra heard Mefathiel go down and tried to start falling back to help him, but was blocked off as the remains of the door exploded outwards. The creature landed snarling, huge jaws bristling with teath and fur bristling. It was the size of a tiger, but with deffinet canine features.

“Oh hell…” said Ezra, twisting to open fire at the beast. It seemed to shrug off the gunfire as little more then annoyances, gathering itself and leaping at Ezra with a snarl.

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