Cages and Demons

September 27, 2008

Nathan made it back to his sisters without further incident. Linda was already moving quickly around the house, gathering up tools of the trade for her trip. One bag for books with her padded case of tools, a second back for clothes. Nathan closed the door and quirked a brow at his sister.

“Going somewhere?”

Linda nodded, settling the bags next to the door. “Yes, I have a client. I need to fly out and examine the item more closely to verify what it is.”

“Must be something pretty interesting to get you packing this fast. I wasn’t gone all that long…”

Linda shook her head, “Some of us work for a living, Nathan. I have a client with a piece that I can’t correctly verify or identify without examening it in person. It is too valuable to just ship back and forth across the country. I leave in the morning.”

“Oh,” Nathan frowned a little, then shrugged and walked past her. “Well, good luck with that.”

“Stop. I need the stones from earlier,” Linda said.

Nathan pulled them out and tossed them too her. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said and started walking away again. He stopped after a moment, “but you should know, there’s an old guy. Transient sort. He knows something. He was going to try a spell on me.”

Linda closed the gap with several quick steps. “What?”

“He tried to steal the stones and the started a binding incantation. I ran. Lost him in the city. Spent some time in a bar and circled wide on the way back…” said Nathan.

Linda bit her lower lip, going quiet and thoughtful, “Damn it. I don’t have time for this right now. I need you to just… lay low, stay away from the town until I get back and then we’ll figure something out. Practice your enchanting while I’m gone. There are some spare stones in the waterfall in my office.”

Nathan nodded slowly, “Ok. I’ll keep my head down until you get back. But if you know something about this, I want to know when you get back.”

“You don’t… Fine. We’ll talk when I get home. I’m going to bed,” Linda turned and walked quickly off to her room.

Nathan pulled out the bit of concrete from his breast pocket and turned it over in his hand slowly. Sometimes he really hated hiding this from his family. Being treated like a child just because he didn’t do the sorts of magic that they did. He shook his head slowly and crossed over to his room to settle in for the night. He set the enchanted bit of concrete on the bedside table and tucked the extra bits into a drawer. Much as he hated it, tomorrow was looking like a research day. His sister had the sort of books that might tell him something about what was going on so he would know what they were getting into before she got back.

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