Cages and Demons

September 25, 2008

Snow swirled around Nathan and Jason as they stepped out of the door. Jason pulled his coat closer and shot Nathan and his lack of coat a concerned look.

“Aren’t you cold?” said Jason.

Nathan blinked, then huddled in on himself a little to feign chill. “Oh, I should be fine.”

Jason frowned and sped up slightly. “Maybe you should stop at my apartment and warm up?”

Nathan grinned a bit, then paused, putting a hand to the little bag of stones. The grin faltered a bit and he sped back up to keep pace with Jason. “I actually should get home before it gets to much later, now that I think about it. ”

Jason glanced at him, “Are you sure? I’ve got coffee and cocoa?”

“Maybe next time,” Nathan offered a smile. “I’ll be calling soon enough.”

Jason blushed a little and paused in front of an apartment building. “Oh. Um, well, this is me…”

Nathan swept a slight bow. “I’ll talk to you again soon.”

“I hope so,” Jason grinned shyly.

Nathan winked, then turned and slid back into the shadows of the night.

Jason watched him go, then gave his head a shake and turned to walk inside. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was just rebounding into this rather then thinking. He’d barely met the guy and he was already getting all fluttery even after the nastiness of the shouting and screaming earlier that same day. He chewed his lip and took the stares up to his apartment, giving himself a little time to think.

Outside, Nathan rounded a corner and stopped to lean against a wall, running a hand through his hair. It was already looking to be a long winter. Crazy homeless people who knew way too much in one part of the city and a cute boy uncomfortably near that same area. Nathan rested his head back against hte cold stone of the building, letting it soak into his head a little before pushing himself off and trudging back through the snow toward his sisters. He glanced at the phone number, commiting it to memory before snatching up some snow to scrub the number down to a faint black smudge. Hopefully his sister would stay busy enough to not notice that she was extracting the wrong promises from him.


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  1. This is turning out to be a cool story and I am not just saying that out of any kind of bias. *cough*Jason*cough*

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