Welcome to Austin

September 23, 2008

I have arrived in a new city. An actual new city, at least to me. The plane was delayed due to AC problems, which was unpleasent as it involved sitting in a very warm plane for a long stretch before it was ready to go. Then there was the noise. I have never been in a plane that was THAT noisy. It was almost concerning. Which was then balanced with a pair of GROWN WOMEN who GIGGLED LIKE SCHOOL GIRLS THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. Which I could actually hear OVER the horrible noise of the plane. Though I struggled to hear the very nice young lady I sat next to flying back from California. Bah.

Anyway, survived the flight, easy cab ride into the city. OH. And the sunset. A line of burning red in the distance just before we landed. It was very pretty. Like the horizon was on fire.

Back to the city. I like Austin so far. Not that I’ve dealt with it much. Checked into the large silly hotel and walked a few blocks up the street to get food at Katz’s deli, which was recommended to us on the plane and at the front desk.

I will also be attempting to do photos and such as I go over on my Zannel page. At least try it a little more. For now though? Time to sleep. Writing to be inserted as well tomorrow.


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