Third Host: Valoel

September 21, 2008

Val finally stirred awake sometime after nine, no longer able to ignore the light streaming in through the window. She rolled over and glared at the open curtains a moment, then gave in and climbed out of bed, stretching out lazily. She found her still damp clothes in the bathroom and moved to hang them over the back of a chair near the window to dry.

A little searching produced her duffle bag and a spare set of clothes. Valoel got dressed and settled on the end of the bed, brushing her hair. The noise of the day was a different sort of noise, subdued by lingering hangovers and regrets.

Val dropped her brush back into the bag and laid back onto the bed. Vegas. No money. No plan except to change everything. She stared at the ceiling, just letting her mind run for the next hour. Finally, she picked up the bag and slung it over her shoulder, heading to check out. Well, at the very least she could think on her feat. Maybe run into something to get her pointed in a direction. Val dropped off the key, signed her reciept and walked out into town.

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