Third Host: Valoel

September 20, 2008

The city below glows and roils with life. Valoel took a slow drag from her cigaret and blew it out the tiny space the window opened. She wasn’t quite sure why she had wound up in Vegas. Her only real thought on it was that maybe with all of the noise she could loose herself for a little while while she figured out what to do next. She had crawled bars, threw money at gambling and maxed out her last credit card getting a room for the night. She couldn’t quite remember where she left her car, but it was on its last leg anyway. She sighed and leaned her head against the glass. At least her presence had been enough to calm down the argument next door. It seemed like the most she was able to do any more as mankind continued down the self-destructive path herself and Amitiel and known they would.

She winced back from the window at the flash of memory. Fire and pain and then… nothing. The pain centered in her head, bringing her to her knees with a whimper. She layed there for a moment, then pulled herself shakily to her feat and stumbled into the bathroom, turning the shower on full cold and stepping into it, not bothering to shed her shorts and t-shirt she had on.

The cold water slowly washed away the memories and as she let go of trying to fill in that ever-present gap in her memory the last of her discomfort slid away. She shivered a little annd slowly worked the head back up and pealed off the wet clothes, throwing them into a pile on the floor.

After steaming herself comfortable again, Val dried off, wrapped herself in a towel and drifted back out of the bathroom. She double checked the deadbolt and drifted back to the window, stairing down at the city again. For all the attempted glitz and glamour, she mostly could see the rot it covered. Greed and lust keeping a city alive in the middle of the desert.

Val snapped the curtains closed and threw herself onto the bed. None of this was helping. She was here to forget, not mourn a city and the people flocking to it. She found the remote and turned on the tv, flipping through the channels until she found an old black and white musical. She turned the volume up just louder then neccessary, just to make sure she was drowning out any other sounds drifting up from the city and settled in with a small content sigh. Now this, at least, was the sort of thing she could get behind. I nice happy, contained package with a happy ending nand silly coreography.

Val tugged the pillow in against her chest and bounced through old films until finally she drifted off to sleep, tv still blaring.

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