Vegas and Blogworld, Part I

September 19, 2008

Meant to write this last night, but that didn’t quite work out so well. I spent a large portion of the night arguing with the internet in the hotel. The flight in was quick and pleasent (points for Southwest), though the shuttle to the hotel torchered me with Blue Collar comedy. I’m still a little bitter about that.

The hotel? Not so bad. Not fantastic, by any stretch, but it has all the amenities I really need. Well, except for WORKING INTERNET. I finally gave in and called down to the front desk. They sent up some guy who more or less poked at the little box connected to the tv with a stick, told me I was screwed because Windows Vista is stupid and left again.

So, bah. Fought with things a little more, then tracked down the help desk number they had. They sent someone over to fix things. Which took, oh, probably an hour. Then they were around for another long stretch. Along with the stick prodding guy from earlier. There was a lot of “Vista, huh? Well, there’s your problem.” Which, though entirely probable, SO not helpful. They eventually reset the wireless access point and swapped out the wired cord, told me I was screwed, and left. Wow, impressive. So helpful.

They left, I ignored them, plugged things in, restarted and jumped on-line. Grr. If they had paid any attention to the fact that I had already tried a bunch of things, maybe they would have swapped in the new cable and left me be to do things.

Oh, and also? Seriously? Sucky service in the mexican restaurant downstairs. More grr.

I think that covers my annoyance. Sitting in on the first session of the day. Sort of mostly what I expected so far, which is kind of sad. But did pick up a great idea from an earlier session. Back into the trenches, more to come.

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