Cages and Demons

September 14, 2008

Nathan drank and watched the other patrons in the bar. The regulars were a rather comforting presence, but not very interesting. They were all far too settled to really be drawn into much conversation with a new face. Similarly, the man in the corner with the collection of glasses was too far gone to be of much interest. Nathan settled into his drink with a sigh. At least the ambiance was nice.

Somewhere between finishing his third drink and waving down his fourth, a young man came wandering in from the cold. He took of his knit hat and tucked it into one of the pockets of his peacoat. The young man ran a hand through his thick black curls and moved to the bar, sitting down next to Nathan without even noticing him.

Nathan cracked a smile and leaned on the bar, turning slightly to face the newcomer. His eyes had a bit of redness. He was deffinetly here to escape something. Nathan cleared his throat softly, smiled and said, “Hello.”

The young man jumped slightly and turned his attention to the other man, noticing him for the first time. “Oh, um. Hi. Sorry, I didn’t notice you when I came in, is this seat taken?”

Nathan laughed softly, “Not at all.” He offered a hand, “I’m Nathan.”

The man laughed, a bit nervously and shook the offered hand. “Jason. Thanks.”

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Um. Yeah, ok. Scotch and water,” said Jason.

Nathan motioned to the bartender and ordered himself another drink as well as Jason’s drink, then focused his attention back on the other man.”What brings you out into the snow?”

“Oh… nothing. Just wanted to get out for a minute,” Jason answered, intently not looking at Nathan.

“Mm. Rough day then, I won’t pry,” said Nathan. He thanked the barkeep and tooks his drink, sipping at it and watching Jason as his drink is delivered.

Jason toyed with the cup and squirmed a little on his seat. Nathan let his gaze drift off of the other man and around the room, giving Jason some time to relax a little.

“What about you, what brings you out in the cold,” asked Jason.

“New in town. Needed to get a feel for the place if I’m here all winter,” said Nathan.

“Really, what brought you here?”

“I’m staying with my sister for a bit, actually.”

“Oh, well that’s nice of her to let you stay,” said Jason.

Nathan laughed. “It wasn’t her idea, believe me.”

“Then why are you staying with her,” said Jason, turning more toward Nathan.

“Parents more-or-less insisted,” said Nathan.

Jason laughed a bit, “really. Your parents have that much control over the pair of you?”

“You’ve never met my parents. They can be…. persuasive. At some point it’s better to just give in,” said Nathan.

Jason shook his head and finished his drink, “I suppose that kind of thing happens.” Sighs and sets down the cup.

Nathan flashed a wry grin, “They do. Barkeep! Another round of drinks.”

Jason smiled half-heartedly. “You don’t have to keep buying me drinks.”

“Maybe I’m trying to get you drunk,” Nathan said and winked.

“And why would you want to do that,” said Jason.

“I find tipsy people are a little more free with their phone numbers.”

Jason blushed and tried to hide it behind his new drink, “Oh.”

“How many more drinks are we looking at,” asked Nathan with a grin.

Jason coughed and his blush deepened, “You could have just asked you know.”

“My way is more fun, gets you free drinks and is less likely to end with me being the emberassed one,” said Nathan.

Jason squirmed in his seat a little more, then dug out a pen. “Give me your hand.”

Nathan grins and offers his hand up to Jason. Jason quickly wrote out his phone number and then underlined it.

“Thanks you,” said Nathan.

“Your welcome,” said Jason.

The sounds of the room flowed over the pair while they sipped at their drinks, Jason continuing to look off-put and squirmy while Nathan just smiled to himself


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