Dillan Blight

September 7, 2008

Dillan managed to find a print shop, but unlike the pawn shop, was locked down amidst the strangeness. The quiet settling in amidst the dark made Dillan think most people were hunkered down by now. Or it was too late for them. He shook his head a bit and glanced up and down the street. He tried the door, just for good measure. Locked.

He considered his options for a moment, looking around for anything convenient to work with. Nothing jumped out. He sighed and shrugged off his coat and wrapped it tight around one arm, turned his head away from door, and stepped back into it, bringing his arm back hard. The safety glass cracked enough for him to pull out a few pieces and undo the lock.

Dillan’s luck was looking at least a little up. No alarm wired to the door and it didn’t look like it had anything fancier waiting to bring the cops. Not that they didn’t likely have bigger things to worry about anyway.

Dillan picked his way through the shop until he could find a light-switch and flipped it on, then started hunting for a fax machine. He found the fax back behind the counter andpunched in a number from memory. It took another few minutes to get the cardboard taped to a piece of paper with a quick note. Dillan didn’t bother giving a lot of information, just a basic “things are bad, promise to make good on the money I owe you, send the information here,” sort of note. Honestly, he should probably make a form for it, considering how often he owed the Bookworm money and needed him to track down some obscure piece of information.

Dillan coaxed the page and cardboard through the machine then pulled up a chair to wait, taking the chance to prop up his leg and examine. A few stitches had ripped loose, but it wasn’t bleeding anymore at least. He took a minute to scrounge behind the counter and in the back room and found the small office first-aid kit. He grabbed the roll of gauze from it and wrapped up the leg carefully, just to give it a little extra protection. He also pocked the bottle of asprin. Probably not a good idea to take it now, but with the way the day was going, it couldn’t hurt to have handy.

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