Cages and Demons (Linda & Nathan’s Story, working title)

September 2, 2008

The man flipped shut the cell phone and tucked it into an inner pocket of his suit coat. He was a solid six and a half feet tall with a rather lanky build, though the suit was certainly high end, navy blue with pin-stripes. He wore black leather gloves and his black hair was slicked back smooth and short. His nose was sharp and eyes a pale blue.

“We have her attention now,” said the man.

Sitting in a chair nearby was a woman. She lightly swirled her glass of red wine. She looked to be in her late fifties, dark hair lightly sprinkled with gray and pulled back into a severe pony-tail. She was dressed in a simple black silk robe, floor length and carefully tied off. She smiled at the news, fire from the fireplace reflecting off of her deep, almost black eyes.

“Excellent, Mr. Sydel, I knew she would come around when she saw the box. You may retire for the evening, I won’t need your services any further,” said the woman.

Mr. Sydel gave a stiff, formal bow and turned, leaving the room and shutting the large doors behind him.

The woman focused her attention back to the other man in the room, who had mantained his silence throughout the previous conversation. She sipped her wine, watching him squirm in the seat across from her, though he couldn’t squirm far against the ropes digging into his bare skin. She finished off the last of her wine, setting the empty cup on a side table before sliding to her feat.

The man fought harder, trying to pull away as she reached out and lightly ran her long-nailed fingers along his cheek bone. “I’m oh so sorry for the interuption. I promise, you have my full attention for the durration of your stay here,” she said with almost a purr.

The man thrashed in place the little he could, but the ropes all held and the gag in his mouth bit off any noise. She began down at his feat, which already looked raw from her previously interupted efforts, and resumed her soft chanting, scratching intricate patterns into his skin around ropes, slowly draining away the man’s life essence to feed her own, the years seeming to just drain away from her as the life drains away from him.

Through the very end he struggled as best he could, all through the night, but practice had left no chance for escape and by morning, the Lady Redd was looking ready to start a career as a young model. She licked off the tips of her nails, making sure they were clean, then patted the emaciated cheek of the man in the chair.

“Your sacrifice is most appreciated, in return I’ll let that lingering spark of your spirit go free rather than binding it as well,” she smiled darkly, then turned and left the room, steps much lighter then they were before. Now all she needed was to open the box and it was really going to be a great day.

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