Introduction: Nathan and Lucinda (Linda)

August 19, 2008

Nathan sat playing with an unlit cigarette, lounged across the arms of a large, regal wood chair that was probably from a time before chairs could be mass-produced. He was dressed in what passed as every-day wear for him. An elegantly cut black silk suit, obviously tailored for his extremely slender frame and a blood red shirt with the top several buttons missing. It set off his pale skin nicely, as did his raven black hair which hung to his chin. The shirt also emphasized the red in his bottomless red-brown eyes. He let out a melodramatic sigh and tucked the cigarette between his lips and fished out a matte black zippo to light it.

His sister snatched the cigarette from his mouth without breaking a stride or loosing a single paper from the stack of files she was carrying across the room. The cigarette went into a trash can that used to be a small stump before being elegantly wrapped in wrought iron and hollowed. “You will not smoke in my home. And for the last time, if you are going to sit in one of my chairs, do so properly. Do you know how hard it was to find one in that good of condition?”

Nathan rolled his eyes and twisted to sit up in the chair, tucking away the lighter. “If I’m stuck here, I don’t suppose I could at least DO something with myself, sister dear?”

Linda rolled her eyes up, as though beseaching a higher power, then carefully settled the files into a tray on a large heavy oak desk. “I can think of SEVERAL things for you to do with yourself, actually. All of them involve you leaving my library and staying away from the antiques,” she said, giving him a hard look over the tops of her glasses. She was dressed in a simple black skirt that just brushed her knees, some fairly sensible matching shoes, white blouse with a little embelishment and a suit coat. Her hair matched Nathan’s, though she kept it longer. At the moment, she had twisted it up on top of her head and pinned it in place with two hand-carved ivory hair sticks. “And if you must insist on smoking those things of yours, take them outside!”

Nathan slid to his feat, movements so fluid they were almost boneless, “Then perhaps I could go explore the city? That’s bound to keep me out of your hair for a while.”

“Absolutely not!” Linda snapped without thinking.

His eyes widened, a slight pout tracing across his lips.

She paused and pursed her lips, then let out a hard breath and crossed over to Nathan, taking off the glasses and glared down at him. “First, don’t bother with that shit around me. I’m not mom and dad. Hell, from what I hear, it isn’t working on them so well after your latest escapades. Second, you can go explore, but,” she said, taping his nose, “there will be rules. No fighting. No breaking any laws. You will take a muddle-stone with you so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself and you will also take a recording-stone so that I can make sure you followed all of the rules.”

“How long is it going to take for you to make those?” he asked, sounding a little wary for the moment.

“It wont take any time. Unlike you, I keep myself prepared well enough to have some basic tools on hand. If you bothered with any of that, you probably wouldn’t be stuck here for the winter,” Linda said, crossing over to a cabinet in one corner. “Though what I did to be the one stuck with you, I have no idea,” this part muttered mostly to herself.

Nathan perked slightly and followed after her. The night was looking up at this point. Free charms for the evening and a chance to get a feel for his new temporary home. Maybe there would be something to make the place a little more interesting, if he was stuck all winter.

Linda carefully pulled a single stone out of two seperate clay containers, both of which she quickly resealed, muttering a soft incantation as she did. The stones went into a velvet pouch which she handed over to Nathan. She caught his hand and held it a moment.

“Also, no women. I’m not interested in cleaning up after that kind of a mess. And don’t think that I”m just going to let you freeload all winter. You can start prepping your own workings after tonight,” Linda said before letting Nathan go.

“Fine, fine. I’ll try and pick up some stuff tonight so you don’t have to part with any of your precious stash on my part,” he turned and quickly headed for the door.

“Remember the rules we laid down. Screw it up once and you’re done having fun,” Linda called after him, raising her voice just a little.

Nathan leaned back in the door and flashed a charming smile. “Dearest Lucinda, I promise to be on my very best behavior tonight, count on it,” he said and then vanished before she could respond.

Linda sighed and slumped into the chair at her desk. “That is going to turn out to be a bad thing, I’m just sure of it…” She shook her head a little and started in on the stack of folders. Each was a docket of information and photographs for her to go over. Shipping any of the really valuable items to her and back again was often expensive and risky. Linda also made a habit of charging excessive travel fees when she was called out to examine an item in person. She now had enough of a reputation to actually charge people just for looking over the information dossiers and giving an opinion. Of course, it helped that her opinion was based on having been around when most of the items in question were created.


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  1. Plain and simple, I love it. I love Nathan, I LOVE Lucinda, I am intrigued and I want more. Now. :)

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