Dillan Blight: Paranormal Investigator

August 11, 2008

The door jingled as he pushed it open. Dillan glanced and noticed the little door chime made of old bullet casings. Well, this certainly did seem to be the right place. The place was crowded with the standard assortment of old tools and instruments and electronics, but just beyond them was a glass case running the length of the back wall of the building with a small space to step behind it. On the back wall hung an impressive assortment of guns with what looked to be a roll down cage mounted in the ceiling above them. The man standing behind the bar cleaning the components of a large handgun didn’t even glance up. He had a long, scraggly brown beard and a bandana tied around his bald head.

Dillan walked up to the counter. “You seem awefully relaxed. Did you notice what was going on outside?” said Dillan.

The man began reassembling the gun methodically. “Yep. Still can’t sell you a gun without the waiting period. Sorry,” said the man.

Dillan pauses, watching the man finish assembling his gun before finding words again. “There are undead swarming your streets and some sort of unexplained eclipse and you’re worried about that?”

The man slammed the clip into the gun and chambered a bullet. “It’s the law, sorry.”

Dillan stood their a moment, not quite sure how to respond, then finally shook his head, “that’s fine. I just need a box of .357 ammo. Winchester 125grain JHP rounds. I could probably use speedloader or two as well, if you have the right ones for the Colt Detective Special.”

The man behind the counter tucked the gun somewhere below the counter and stood, moving around and ducking down twice before setting out a box and two speedloaders. “Sixty bucks.”

Dillan pulled out his wallet and laid three twenties on the counter. “Thanks,” he said and opened the box, loading both the gun and both speed loaders. The gun went back into its holster and the box and speed loaders went into the big pockets of his coat. Meanwhile, the man behind the counter had pulled out a combat shotgun and started checking it over. Dillan gave his head a small shake and left with another soft jangling of shells.

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