Dillan Blight: Paranormal Investigator

August 3, 2008

Dillan was begining to seriously dislike this town. He could see the hotel, just up the street from him when all hell broke loose. It started as a shadow slid into place over the sun. Dillan was far from certain, but he sure didnd’t remember any anouncements about up-comming full solar ecplipses. The people starting to pour into the street confirmed his suspisciouns. To top it off, the sun seemed quite content to stay settled behind its new veil. Which didn’t look much like a moon anyway.

Then the screams started. Echoing into the city from every direction. Dillan started pushing his way through the panicking crowd towards the loudest set of screams. One scrambling woman clipped his cane and sent him crashing into a building, bum leg first. He bit back the string of curses, straightened and started pushing harder through the crowd, still no idea what he was going to do when he found the problem.

Within moments Dillan managed to break free of the rush and nearly fell over as the human tide broke. He caught himself, leaning heavily on the cane. More shuffling dead were moving in toward the city. The symbol seemed slightly different from before and they seemed to be far less intelligent then his earlier encounters, but it had the same air. Instinctively, Dillan reached for his gun, stopping just shy of drawing it.

“Oh hell…” Dillan said to himself, taking a step back and glancing around. Nothing seemed any more promising then the empty gun. He shifted his grip on the cane, holding it like a bat and settled in to hold his ground.

Tires squeled around the corner and a familiar truck plowed through the nearest row of shufflers and stoped in front of Dillan, windshield whipers running to keep the gore smeared windshield clear.

Dillan laughed, then tossed the cane into the back of the truck and moved to climb in as the door was pushed open from the inside, “Al, you keep this up and I might start to think you’re some sort of guardian angel.”

Al offered a grin and kicked the truck into gear, “Nah, they’d never let me drive a truck like this,” and gunned it.

“I don’t suppose you know anything useful about what’s going on here?” said Dillan.

Al shook his head and took another hard corner. “Just thought you could use a lift. Reckon you need more ammo for that gun of yours if you’re going to be much help out there.”

“Yeah… that’s right,” said Dillan, frowning just a little. He hated the suspiscioun creeping into his brain, but even with his spell helping luck along in getting the first ride, this was starting to feel like a bit much. Al was a few too many steps ahead in this. Dillan glanced at him side-long, watching for a moment.

The quiet held several beats and then the truck skidded to a stop. “Plenty of ammo here. Watch yourself out there. And maybe consider heading to the north end of town. Seems like they could use more help,” said Al and offered another lazy grin.

Dillan watched him a long moment, then noded and climbed out of the truck, “North end of town. And what are you going to be doing, Al?” said Dillan.

“Got a few more people to check in on, make sure they get indoors and away from the mess,” said Al.

Dillan nodded, then closed the truck door and headed for the little pawn shop they had parked in front of. For the moment, all of the noise was distant. The occasional scream or gunshot. Things seemed to be moving toward a settling of some sort. Dillan just hoped it wasn’t the graveyard.

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