Dillan Blight: Paranormal Investigator

July 20, 2008

A door slamming brought him startling awake. The jolt to his leg made Dillan draw in a sharp hiss of breath as he struggled to focus on his surroundings. Al started up the truck and pulled back onto the road.

“Best drop you off where a doctor can tend to that leg, would seem,” said Al.

Dillan slowed his breathing, letting the throb fade enough that he could see straight again. “Normally I’d be more enclined to argue…”

“Argue, if it makes you feel better. Was meant as a statement, not a recomendation.”

Dillan laughed. “That seems fair. How far is it?”

“About half ‘n hour, giver or take. I’ll not pry into what you’re doing way out here not knowing anything about the area.” said Al.

“Your wisdom seems to know, no bounds, Al,” said Dillan, letting his eyes drift shut.

“I’ve learned a few things over the years,” said Al.

Dillan chuckled again and let himself drift back to sleep.

The bright lights and the fact that he was laying down didn’t help Dillan’s confusion as his eyes fluttered open. Panick welled up for a moment when he realized his gun wasn’t on him. He started to push himself up, but was caught by a nurse with impecable timing.

“I see you’re awake. Lay on back down before you burst your stitches or knock loose the IV,” she said, managing to get him laid back down, while adjusting his pillow and checking the IV all at once.

“What’s in the IV? Because I think I’m missing some time…” said Dillan, letting his gaze slowly circle the room. The drawn curtain didn’t let  him see who else might be in the room, but vague shuffling and breathing sounds certainly didn’t make it seem private. He spotted his things laying carefully folded in a chair.

“Just making sure you’re hydrated. We didn’t have your history, so we kept the drugs as minimal as possible to avoid possible allergic reactions. I think they managed to track them down now, though. We got your name out off of your driver’s liscence. One of the attendings found you asleep on the bench outside. Also, I’m afraid the sherrif is waiting to talk to you,” said the nurse.

Dillan shook his head slowly. “Right. He would be. I think I can manage,”

The nurse smiled and nodded her head. “Alright. I’ll be back to check on you before too long,” she said.

The nurse left, leaving him curtained off in his bed. A few moments later a man with short cropped graying hair and a uniform stepped in.

“Dillan Blight, Private Investigator. What brings you to our neck of the woods, Mr. Blight?” said the Sherrif, flipping open his notebook.

“Bit of bad luck and some blood-loss, mostly,” said Dillan blithely.

The sherrif frowned a little. “Mind telling me how you got shot and what you were shooting at?”

“Didn’t get much of a look. Somebody started taking shots at me while I was walking up the road into town. Managed to hit me. I squeezed off a few rounds and rolled into a ditch. By the time I could collect myself enough to check again, there wasn’t anyone around,” said Dillan.

“Hmm,” said the Sherrif, scribbling in his notebook, “and what were you doing walking down that road, anyway? We haven’t had any abandon cars reported.”

“I think I offended my ride. They let me out before I got where we were going,” said Dillan.

“And where was that, Mr. Blight?””You know, I don’t quite remember yet. Little too much blood-loss today,” said Dillan.

The Sherrif scowled and flipped the notebook closed, leaning in close to Dillan. “Alright, Mr. Blight. We’ll look into the shooting. We’ll be keeping your side-arm at the station house. You can stop by once you’re well enough to be release,” the Sherrif said and turned to go.

“I’ll pick it up in a couple of days, then,” said Dillan.

“We’ll see about that,” said the Sherrif and left.

Dillan sighed and closed his eyes. “One of these days, I’m going to make a good first impression on the local law enforcement. And then repent before the apocolypse catches up with me.”

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