Dillan Blight: Paranormal Investigator

June 30, 2008

A gunshot shattered the silence, birds fleeing from the nearby trees. Dillan rolled as he hit the ground, back into the ditch. White hot pain filled his vision, but he forced it toward the back of his brain, pulling out his revolver. The second shot sent a plume of dirt and rock cascading over the edge of the ditch above him.
Dillan took a long slow breath and cocked the gun, rolling up, back against the edge of the ditch. He reached down and touched his leg. Blood. Plenty of it. He cursed under his breath, then traced a quick rune on the back of his right hand with the blood. Luck.

Dillan rolled onto his stomach and pulled himself slowly up to the edge, waving a hand up off to his left quickly before ducking up his head. A shot tore into the dirt off to his left. Dillan raised the revolver to the glint and flame of the distance and pulled the trigger three times. A clatter answered. Dillan let out a long breath and rolled back over, ripped off a jacket sleeve and tied it tightly around his leg.

He closed his eyes, breathing careful long slow breaths. Finally he pushed himself up, avoiding pressure on his injured leg. He slowly pulled himself up out of the ditch and limped heavily across the road. He worked his way along, leaning on trees up the road to where the shots had been fired from. A rifle lay at the bottom of the tree, near a bloody mess of a man. One of the rounds and destroyed his skull. Though that didn’t explain the rest of the damage.

Dillan frowned and carefully leaned in to shove the man over. The symbol carved into the man’s chest wasn’t immediately familiar, but it was easy enough to catch the intention. The second hint was the congealed blood. He sighed and picked up the rifle, as well as snatching up a heavy branch to use as a walking stick. Somebody was using dead bodies to attack him. Why couldn’t it be the shambly sort of zombie? Those were so much more straight forward. Guns made things nasty.

It was slower going, but Dillan stuck to the trees and kept following the road. Seemed like he was going in the right direction for whatever had drug him out here. Though it still didn’t explain what they wanted. Or why they were toying with him. It was going to be a long day.



  1. Still loving this, and still wanting more.

  2. Yay for Noir. And I love his name.

  3. I actually wrote down the last name after seeing some guy in a documentary with Blight as their name and new I had to use it.

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