Writing from the Trip

June 10, 2008

May 31, 8:25 pm

Honolulu Port

Towering buildings

edging endless water,

wind heavy

with salt and fish.

Passing cars

reflect light

into upper windows,

leading officers

illusion of life,

but the only

sounds caught

in tonights wind

rattle up from

fork-lifts clearing

docks before

boat exits into

star-lit seas.

June 1, 10:36 pm

Night Seas

Rippling darkness,

broken with

reflect light,

miniature torches

lost between sky

and sea, vast

nothingness rippling

light into

fairy dust

and dreams.

June 2, 8:42 pm

Night Travel

Carried away,

wrapped and bound

by winds,

one faint pool

of light,

carried through

darkness, hoping

other side

of night brings

safe harbor,

relief from


threatening to swallow


June 3, 9:47 pm



through silence

for something,

some forgotten

face or phrase,

that piece

gone missing

amidst noise,

daily grind,

last fragment

of a heart

broken too long.

June 3, 10:00

Lava Flow

Fire pours

into water,

cools into

earth, endless

cycle of creation,

living island

building itself

drawing out

molten rock


and birthing,

that paradox

of fire,

which only

offers life

from ashes.

June 4, 10:42

Ocean Nomad

Soft spray,

bow cuts waves,

chasing the horizon

salt and wind

only companions

that last.

June 4, Later

Dance and song,

steal answering steal,

a forgotten way

burried in civilized


Instead, agression

moves behind doors

into back rooms,

plotting, conniving,


Making status

equal money

or looks,

quantifiables, never


Chivalry languishes,

political correctness

rampages, masquerading

as a new equality,


Dream of heroes

sneak into life,

lingering desipte

a world afraid

of change.

June 4, later still

Table for One

Dark hair,

sharing a drink

with an empty seat,

watching the phone

and clock in turn,

love songs and cuddling

couples encouraging

another round.

June 6, 12:56 am


Trees weave

endless walls,

hard won

paths verging

on disintegration.

Nature devours



taking back

pieces where

efforts slack,

driving back


June 6, 10:30 pm

Night Breeze

Branches sway,

moon-lit clouds

trail overhead

cool air

washes away

days cares,

letting muse

sing to me,

words finally

working free,

twining together

into sharp

images, another

moment, thought

crystallized, saved

on paper.

June 7, sometime

Vacation at Sea

Listen to waves

rolling away

from ships bow,

joints creaking,

shifting against

weight, pressures

built by movement

through water,

floating village

moving between

islands, nightly

voyages, endlessly

circling destinations,

faces, enough time

to learn names,

recognize neighbors,

before they leave,

back to land,

settling houses

and windy nights,

normal life


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