Third Host: Z and Malachi, Needle’s Embrace

May 30, 2008

Without even looking up to his reflection in the mirror, she new he was watching her work. This made her smile. More so then just working made her smile. It wasn’t the most intricate piece she had done, by any stretch of the imagination. Just a knotted arm-band. The kind of thing she often sent people off to other shops to get done. Except for those rare few people like this man, who actually had thought it over and really wanted a simple tattoo for a reason.

“So is today actually the big day, or is this a gift after the fact?” She asked.

“Today is it,” the large man grinned, glancing down at her work.

Z stole a glance back at Malachi, waiting across the room patiently, grinned again, then went back to work. “Well, congratulations again. I love getting to do this type of thing.”

“Anyone who knows a thing or two about tattoos knows this is the place to come if you want a piece that means something.”

Z blushed slightly, but kept on working on the tattoo, expert hand detailing the knotted band. “Thank you.”

The conversation drifted off, occasional bits of small talk keeping the room comfortable. Before long Z had finished the work and stood up to let the man examine himself in the mirror. The large man couldn’t help but grin.

“This is perfect!” he said.

Z grinned and cleaned up her work station a little, before turning to head for the little back room. “As much as I’m sure you know the routine, let me get you the care instructions and everything you need. I can ring you up out front.”

The man shook his head and crossed over to Malachi. “You’re a lucky man. Take care of her.”

Malachi smiled a bit wryly, “I intend to, which is why I keep getting in trouble with her.”

He laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “Always the way with the good ones.”

Z stepped back out carrying a small bag and a little brochure. She glanced between the two men a bit warrily. “Behaving yourselves, I hope?”

“Yes Ma’am,” answered the large man.

Malachi laughed and smiled wider, “Always.”

Z watched them both through narrowed eyes, then shook her head and continued out to the front counter. “Men.”

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