Third Host: Mefathiel, Ezra

May 19, 2008

Mefathiel shoved the heavy filing cabinet off of him, coughing softly. He weekly brushed at the suit and looked around slowly. Ash was brushed across the nearby buildings and the building was neatly sheered off level with the floor. Ezra was crouched where the door had been, shadows crawling around his feat. Sirens started getting closer.

Mefathiel crossed over to Ezra, grabbed his shoulder and tugged him upright, ignoring the shadows scrabbling at his feat. “We have to go. Neither of you wants to deal with the police.”

Ezra chuckled darkly, “Police? I bet they would be quite tasty.”

Mefathiel pulled him toward the charred staircase. “That would be a stupid move. You’re not stupid. Nor are you in control, really.” Mefeathiel suddenly turned, still holding Ezra’s shoulder with one hand, his other lightly touching the intricate series of tattoos showing through Ezra’s tattered clothing. A faint glow and warmth flowed over Mefathiel’s skin, outline of wings appearing off his shoulders. The glow crept into the warding sigils tattooed into Ezra’s skin.

Ezra let out a snarl, back arching as the glow traced through the patterns, suffusing across chest and back. The shadows receded and Ezra collapsed, eyes fluttering closed.  Mefathiel  picked him up and carefully, settling him over his shoulder, then picked his way down the staircase, bits of it collapsing around him. Mefathiel jumped the last stretch to the ground, wincing a bit underneath the weight of the other man. He picked his way through the charred mess and kicked open the front door. He opened the back door to Ezra’s car and dumped him into the back seat and quickly pulled away, turning down the first available side street to avoid incoming sirens and questions.

Once the sounds of sirens had faded off into the distance Mefathiel finally stopped the car. He reached into the back-seat and gave Ezra a good shake. The other man groaned and stirred slowly. His eyelids fluttered partially open.

“Wha… how?” said Ezra, trying to sit up.

“I gave your wards a little extra juice,” said Mefathiel.

“Oh. Lets… lets try and avoid that in the future. Feels like they’re on fire…”

“Yeah. I didn’t think it would be nice. It’s why I never suggested it before. Couldn’t imagine it having a good effect, considering how entwined into you that thing is,” said Mefathiel.

“That continues to be a rather large problem,” said Ezra.

“Where is the safe house.”

“I’ll drive,” Ezra pushed himself upright and climbed out of the car.

Mefathiel smirked and stepped out of the drivers seat. “I’m impressed. You’re tough even with the demon.”

Ezra dropped into the seat. “There’s a reason I haven’t lost it yet.”

Mefathiel shook his head and circled the car, climbing in the other side. “True enough.”

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