Third Host: Z and Malachi

May 18, 2008

Z sat on the balcony outside of her room, cradling her unplugged electric guitar and picking away a vague tune on it, humming a little to herself. Malachi stepped out and draped a robe around Z’s shoulders. “Little cold tonight to be sitting outside without much on,” said Malachi.

She looked up and smiled, setting aside the guitar and pulling the robe on the rest of the way, “Don’t really have any neighbors who can see the balcony well, so don’t worry about it.”

Malachi chuckled and shook his head, sitting down next to her and putting an arm around her shoulders, pulling her against him, “You’re worried.”

Z sighs and cuddles into Malachi, “I am…”

“You know that I’ll stick with you.”

“That’s part of what I’m worried about,” she said, leaning in to softly kiss Malachi. “I don’t want you getting in over your head.”

Malachi smirked, “Hey, I’m not exactly unfamiliar with danger, you know that.”

“Yes. And as much as you are spectacular, you’re still only human. This is going to get a lot bigger then that,” said Z.

“Then maybe you should just let them work it out with out you?”

“Trust me, I’m not rushing to get involved. But something about this time…” she shiver a little and moves into his lap. “Take me back inside?”

Malachi frowned a bit in worry, but quickly pushed it aside and picked her up, kissing the top of Z’s head. “Of course.”

He carried Z back inside and pushed the door back closed, carrying her back to bed, leaving the guitar out on the balcony.


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  1. You are the only person in the world I trust with Malachi, and you never let me down.

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