May 18, 2008

“This is to big to be hard-assed about! We have to compromise…”

“No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never Compromise.”

Alan Moore, Watchmen

Looking for that thing,

that inspiration, person,

cause. Something

to fight for.

Talisman against

a broken world.

Too many compromises,

concessions to keep

life shambling forward,

but never right.

Looking for that line

where I stand,

no matter who

comes marching in.



  1. I love the last four lines. It speaks of inexplicable determination. I admire the power you put into your brevity.

  2. Thanks. I’ve always thought of minimalistic statements as the strongest ones. And really, it’s easy to stand for something when you can paint the opposition as evil. The question is, is the fight still worth having if the people on the other side aren’t.

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