Breaking Form

April 24, 2008

Session talking about tagging in Flickr ended a bit early and after a nigh-unto epic struggle with the WiFi, I figured I should take a chance to blog about the conference at least a little. I was originally going to head back into the Blogtropol lounge, but it was rather packed to the gills. Quite please to see that they have Pandora set up and playing for the background music. They also have Wii bowling going, which is amusing.

The expo floor is rather amazing. The sheer variety of strange services is likely going to have me in phone calls for the next month chasing down things that might be worth following up on. Assuming I can fit all of the paperwork back into my luggage.

Major points of interest: how to use social data, visuals are awesome, and give them a reason to come back. There are certainly some new pieces of the puzzle to start considering when I get back to the office. Since it wasn’t complicated enough already. Also? You need a LOT of WiFi to go around at something like this, because when you get enough people in here all trying to use it, things do not work so well.

San Francisco has been much friendlier today. Weather has cleared up nicely and I managed to sneak in a little wandering this morning on my here. Of course, the store I stopped in at with the ten dollar dvd’s was not helpful. I really didn’t need more things to fit into my bag for the trip home.

Oops, looks like it is time for another session, will perhaps add more later.


Currently hearing about WeeMee avatars. Was hoping to hear more about Avatars in general instead of a lot about a specific type of avatar.

Check out the Instructables site if you have a little free time. I think it may become a new place that absorbs some of my time. The crafter in me is drooling. Not only that, but these people are awesome and have been laster etching electronics for free!

Etched Laptop

Tribal Style Angel Wings on the back of my Laptop.

Also have my DS etched with the Cult of Ecstasy symbol (Mage: The Ascension stuff)

Etched DS

I wish I had more electronics to etch.

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