Third Host: Excerpt, Valoel

April 23, 2008

Valoel lay in bed, listening to the sound of rain on her bedroom window. The soft rumble of distant thunder finally drew her out from under the covers. She changed into a pair of cut-off short and a baggy t-shirt with a mostly faded out band logo and lightly raked fingers through her hair before heading to the back door. Three steps out the door, she turned back and retrieved her forgotten pack of cigarettes and her book of matches.

She knocked free a single smoke and tossed the pack onto the counter before stepping outside. She danced back and forth on the chilled pavement a moment while here feat got used to the temperature, while simultaneously trying to light her cigarette without singing her fingertips. Three matches and a little more stillness later she managed.

Valoel hovered near the door while she finished her morning cigarette and snuffed the butt, setting it on the kitchen window seal, then stepped out into the rain. She tilted her head back and let the little drops of water play across her skin, a smile creeping across her face. She laughed softly and danced in a small circle before falling back onto the lawn and laying there, watching the rain.

After laying for a few minutes, clothes now thoroughly soaked, lightning lanced through the sky nearby, a load roar of thunder following close on it’s heals. Val shivered and hugged herself a bit, climbing back up. “Suppose I probably shouldn’t stay out in the rain too long,” she murmured, mostly to herself, and slipped back inside, remembering to grab the cigarette butt to toss in the trash inside.

The soaked clothes ended up in a pile in the corner of her room as she headed to the bathroom to shower, taking some extra time in the warm water to drive the chill back out. She washed her hair with eucalyptus shampoo and cleaned up with a bar of hand-made soap.

Valoel turned off the shower and leaned out, grabbing her towel down and drying off some before stepping out of the shower and started into the rest of her simple morning ritual. Before she could finish brushing out her hair, a knock at the door interrupted her. She scowled at the door to the bathroom, then opened it and leaned out, calling out, “Just a minute!”

She hurried into her room and grabbed a dry t-shirt to pull on and a patchwork skirt. Another knock sent her dashing from her room off to the front door. She glanced at the clock in the living room as she reached for the door knob. It was just after eight and she really wasn’t expecting anyone. She peered through the peep-hole and couldn’t see anyone. She bit her lower lip, trying to see a little more to the side through the hole when another knock sent her bouncing back from the door with a little startled yelp.

Val double checked the lock and crossed over to carefully peak between the curtains. She couldn’t see anyone out front and no cars except for the neighbors. She crossed over into the kitchen and made sure that door was locked as well, ignoring the next round of knocking.

From there, Val crossed back tot he front door to try and peak out the peep hole again. This time she caught a flicker of shadow moving away from the door. She backed away from the door, thinking. It was too gloomy outside for any proper shadows. Which either meant someone dressed all in black… or something worse. She went back to the bathroom to finish combing out her hair while she contemplated what her next move was. Her best hope was an overly curious mortal. If it was an actual shadow-creature, then things were bound to get complicated really fast.

Valoel finished getting herself ready for the day, made a cup of tea and some toast, then curled into her old battered love seat to think. She could try to hide. Just stay locked up inside until they lost interest or burst in on her. She could make a break for it. Loose herself in a bigger city maybe. Or she could try and find help. The problem with any of these options was that she really didn’t know what she was up against yet. So really, she needed to find out. Hopefully without getting deeper into the trouble

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