Third Host: Excerpt, Mefathiel and Ezra

April 20, 2008

They took Ezra’s rental car. He followed Mefathiel’s directions and got on the highway, heading toward the docks. Ezra let the sounds of the road fill the car for several minutes before throwing a quick glance to Mefathiel. “Explenation,” he said.

Mefathiel took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose, taking a moment before finally answering, “It would seem that the angel of peace has set aside her powers.”

“You can do that?” asked Ezra.

“Yes. Though very few do it to the extent that she has. Of course, that’s just the first oddity of the situation,” said Mefathiel.

“Oh good. angelic powers being set aside is just the beginning. Usually it’s best to not try and scare off your help before you’ve convinced them the situation warrants risking life and limb,” said Ezra.

“That’s why I asked an immortal for help. Anyway, the thing is, this is the original angel of truth.”

“I apparently am unaware of the significance of that.”

“She was burned by God, along with the Angel of Truth for questioning His plan.”

“You mean like thrown into Hell burner, right?”

“No. Burned burned. Direct wrath of God burned,” said Mefathiel.

“Oh,” said Ezra, letting that roll around for a moment. “So… we are going after the power of an angel who was destroyed once already?”

“Yes. As, I can imagine, are many other interested parties. Peace is a rather powerful ace to have up your sleeve,” said Mefathiel.

“That’s almost always the case. So, convinced that this is worth putting your neck out for?”

“Just so long as you make sure what’s inside me doesn’t get very far if something does manage to take me down,” said Ezra.

Mefathiel frowned, but nodded. “Of course, friend.”

They drove in silence for a time after that, each deep in their own thoughts. Mefathiel worried over the implications of getting involved in something like this versus the possible benefits. Ezra focused on mentally preparing himself for what was likely to be ahead. It had been a long time since he went up against odds like this, but he had to admit some part of him relished the idea. If he was to get hurt badly enough to loose control to the demon sealed inside of him, he couldn’t ask for better company to make sure it didn’t do any real damage before being taken down. And as much as he tried to ignore the urge, the occasional excuse to flex the demonic power flowing through his veins was far more pleasant then he liked to admit.

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