Third Host: Excerpt, Z and Malachi

April 1, 2008

Z stormed the rest of the way out of the building, only to slump down onto the steps out front. She sat there, taking a few minutes to collect herself. Ignoring the glares from across the street. She knew that it wasn’t just going to be a social call. Mefathiel didn’t really tend to do social calls. To busy trying to save the masses. But somehow she always hoped she could just stay way off in the sidelines and pretend she was just another human muddling her way though life. And still she couldn’t quite bring herself to set aside what she was.

Z pushed herself to her feat with a soft sigh and mustered up her scary person air to walk back toward home. She could make a phone call to Ezra and then make Malachi take her out for ice cream. Her pace quickened a bit. It was a good night for ice cream, even if it was a bit cold.

Before long she was out of the elevator and crossing to her apartment door. She turned the lock quietly and opened the door to peak in. Malachi sat on the couch, pail skin nicely contrasted by his black silk shirt and slacks. Dark hair, long pieces in front, framed his face nicely as he read his battered paperback. The slightest smirk gave away his notice of Z and her stealth, but he gave no other sign. Continuing to read and scratch the dogs head.

Anubis however seemed less aware, too busy enjoying lounging half across Malachi’s lap and getting attention. Z slipped in and quietly shut the door, crossing over behind Malachi. As she reached down to cover her eyes he caught both her wrists, letting the book fall into his lap. Z let out a startled squeak before being tugged over the back of the couch, getting her nicely half upside-down on the couch trying to glare at him through her giggling.

“Stop being so observant!” Z demanded indignantly.

Malachi let his grin play fully across his face. “Sorry, I can’t help myself. You’re just too easy. Besides. Somebody needed to kiss you.”

Z perked slightly and started attempting to right herself, “Yeah?”

Malachi nodded and before Z could escape allowed Anubis scrambled across Malachi’s lap to cover Z’s face with puppy kisses. Z let out an indignant yelp, “Aaaw, gross! Puppy germs!” She laughed and as she attempted to squirm free managed to fall off the couch.

Malachi laughed and carefully pushed Anubis aside before standing to offer Z a hand. “Are you ok down there?”

Z giggles and caught his hand, “Why don’t you come down and see?” And before he had a chance to react, pins his legs together with hers and tugs him down on top of her. She grinned and looped arms around him, kissing him soundly before he could object.

An appropriate greeting later she finally let him up for air, but not up from the floor. “So what did you have planned for tonight?”

Malachi smirked a tad, “Well, if you decide to let me back up I wouldn’t mind finishing my book.”

Z pouted cutely, “That’s not the right answer. The right answer is taking me out for ice cream.”

Malachi blinked once at her, “Ice cream? We have ice cream. In the freezer. And it’s still cold outside.”

Z kisses him once more lightly, “Yes, but I want to go and get ice cream because it’s been a long day. And I’m cute, so you’re buying.”

“Aha, I see how it is. Well, you’re still going to have to let me up.”

Z giggles and finally lets him go. “You don’t want to prove your masculinity by carrying me down to the car?”

Malachi slides lightly to his feet, then ducks down, and pulls her up over his shoulder before she can object. She lets out another shrieking laugh and tries to squirm free. “No fair, I wasn’t ready!”

“Hey, it was your idea,” said Malachi.

“Well. Yes. But I need to make a quick phone call and grab my jacket.”

Malachi let out a melodramatic sigh and set her back onto her feet. “You could always make the call while I drive.”

“Um, actually, it’d be best if I just called from here. Real quick, I promise. Warm up the car and I’ll be right down?”

Malachi gave her a slight questioning look, then shrugged slightly and headed for the door, pausing to grab his trench coat from the closet. “Don’t take too long, I don’t think the ice cream place is open much later then this.”

“I know, I’ll be down in a minute, promise.” Z watched him head out the door before finally heading over to the phone. She picked it up then dialed a long distance number. It answered to silence on the third ring. She typed in another number, waited, then a third number. Finally a beep. “Hey, one Angel of Thieves wants to cache in a favor and asked me to pass on the message. So… be careful. They are dangerous, even for someone like you.” She hung up the phone with a sigh. Anubis bumped up against her leg and she managed a smile, leaning down to rub his ears. “We’ll bring you back a treat too, I promise.” And with that, she grabbed her coat and hurried out the door, taking care to lock it before catching the elevator down to meet up with Malachi.

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